Born and raised in the Philippines, Jazz Wayde’s musical talent and inspirations were cultivated through her experiences as a child of political activists. From attending rallies, to spending time with farmers and helping people in impoverished areas, Jazz Wayde learnt the power of storytelling through music. From feelings of resentment to words of encouragement, folk music was applied in all aspects of activism in the Philippines. These influences were imbedded in Jazz Wayde’s whole being, which eventually became part of her musical identity. Her “expressive style brings out all sorts of emotions to the listeners [which] gives out so much potential to be included in a Netflix movie/series.” – Ian Escario, UK based producer, The Collaborative Project, CEO. Jazz Wayde is currently working on a single which will be released in the Summer of 2022. The single will be produced by Ian Escario, as Jazz Wayde has won a 6-week scholarship from The Collaborative Project Program. She will also be releasing another single under the supervision of Seneca College’s Independent Music Production’s head professor, John Switzer. You can stream Jazz Wayde’s previous works such as “Hidden Spectrum” and “Cherry Skies” on SoundCloud and all other streaming platforms.